Consciousness of Realities Exhibition Vi


"Diversity is my Philosophy of Art"
Dining Room Opera, 2014, Video Installat



Dining room Opera is a multimedia Installation, about the culture depression of Myanmar. As an eye witness between civil conflict, the art and the artists were depressed in the nightmares. This work searched artist's childhood memories of bedtime stories by his grandmother. A story about the puppets playing hide and seek in the emptiness of kitchen. That was kind of a nightmare after dinner called "rice-ghost".

Exhibition was hold in 2014 at 

Rooster Gallery, New York, NY.


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Photography is one of the artist's medium to get inspirations, experiencing and encountering to the realistic world. Nature can tell the truth to us, whatever new or old, ruins or cleaning and light or darks. The photographs are uncover about the places and time deep inside of the surface, telling behind the stories and how they were survived on earth. This photo series was started in 2011 and still on going till 2017, all photos are taken in the Myanmar, India, United state and Germany, where artist stayed for the residency program. 


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Performance Art      

Art Project     


Photo: Wing of Hope, Public Suclpture at Yangon Art and Heritage Festival 2017, Yangon.

AUNG MYAT HTAY is an Artist/writer, Independent curator based in Yangon Myanmar. In his curatorial and artistic practice explores local forms of expression combined with a contemporary interpretations. He presented works in local and international and participated international artist residency programs since 2010 such as Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Bar1 Bangalore India, Koganecho Bazaar in Yokohama, RU residency in Brooklyn New York, Sylt foundation in Germany and Heritage Space in Hanoi Vietnam. He is an ACC grantee artist (Asian Cultural Council New York) and the founder of SOCA (School of Contemporary art online program).


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Ghosts of the Forest 2019
A multimedia Installation at the "Phantoms and Aliens" Chapter 2, a group exhibition of Richard Koh Fine Art gallery, KL Malaysia.
"My Shadow is Your Shadow". A Public Art project for Yangon Art & Heritage Festival
Wing of Hope, a Public Sculpture, steel and wooden boat. Yangon Art & Heritage Festival
Old City, is a one of
Sovereign Asian Art Prize Southeast Asia Finalist in 2012, exhibited in Singapore. This work is a photo manipulation series about the identity of the History, objects and the people who lived under backlash dictatorship closed country.
Book of Institution of the Union of Artopia, A Participatory Performance in Yangon
Time of Metamorphosis, Installation with clock machine and artist portrait.
A drop of rain, Installation work in Yangon
Public Art Festival Yangon
Early works on canvas
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