Solo exhibition: 



Open Studio 

Less is more. There are no other representations. How to come to terms with the word Beauty? It depends not only on the physical aspects of nature but also on the mindset and mood of the beholder. Ultimately, the basic forms of nature as simplified objects can help us to better contemplate the balancing aspects which beauty serves in our lives.

We constantly grapple with and live by formal understandings of visual culture, though this understanding may not enter our daily consciousness. We cringe at informal encounters. I believe that the ultimate conditions such as time and space can provide us with fully formal thought processes, which we can use to reinterpret formal definitions of our surrounding culture, beyond mere representations.


This exhibition attempts to contain the essence of plain, or simplified. Do these Segments have the potential to reintegrate and reconstruct the way we view forms in the  visual culture?


22- 27 July 2016, Myanm/art Gallery.