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Photography is one of the artist's medium to get inspirations, experiencing and encountering to the realistic world. Nature can tell the truth to us, whatever new or old, ruins or cleaning and light or darks. The photographs are uncover about the places and time deep inside of the surface, telling behind the stories and how they were survived on earth. This photo series was started in 2011 and still on going till 2017, all photos are taken in the Myanmar, India, United state and Germany, where artist stayed for the residency program. 

Photo Series by Aung Myat Htay

The " OLD" mean not only mention to our ages but also our life and time of the world. Every many old things at near you are quite hidden from the developing city's numerous new things, so we are unable to notice in the ordinary sight even in your body's skin surface trace. Although we can notice some damage things in near you. To all people to recover many suffering, but our life changed many things in every second. Everybody say that " Time is the good physician of life", we are growing older and older in this wild human made nature since very long time. some of the old things are valuable for our culture and civilization also for the remembrance of life, but other are need to be change to renew. New things that mean we can find the way for balance of old and new to make comparison for our good survival to continuing existence of those many matter of human beings, animals and plants which are best adapted to their surroundings in the destroying environment.

As for me I like the nature of old world as like the heritage of culture which are wild things untouch greenish forest that different from the human made newly fake innovation. I just trying to make answer for the what is the role of the nature in our daily life, In this my photo project named " Serious Old" will be imagine you to go dreaming day life on those old things near you and reality of effected images in these long long years ago ages things, and can change your emotion to make deeply understanding on our ages of life. Named of the photos in this project such as, a drop of hope, a mark of the age, at the window, bound in time, drama in the hole, living in hardly, real nature in the city, unsafe shield, life unnewly, will be healpful to thinking of the object of the picture and can expend your emotion to go behind far from the object of picture.


1 february 2012

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