School of Contemporary Art Project

Alternative Learning Platform

Founded in 2015 by artist/curator Aung Myat Htay, as a responses to the lack of alternative art learning platform for Myanmar contemporary art scene, co-founded by the independent group of freelance multidisciplinary artists. SOCA is focus on local art students, art enthusiastic youth who are interested to learn in current global art with approaches to knowledge sharing, practicing, and experimenting in the various forms. As a platform for intellectual exchange and critical dialogue, SOCA is collaborate in the creative community among artists and the general public to make new engagement of art and the people.

Your Sound is My Sound, Public Instrumen

Our Story

Running in self-funded by artists and sometimes collaborate with galleries and art spaces throughout these 5 years, SOCA has done 4 regular online programs and artist talks, art workshops, exhibitions. Sometimes collaborative workshop with invited international artists mostly from cross-media or multidisciplinary backgrounds. Even not existed in physical space but mostly active in social media and regularly sharing about different approaches and new media art. SOCA exist the role of bridges between local and international art scene, and initiative to the knowledge sharing platform for cross-media in art, as we aimed for the build up ethos of our artist community into developing and fulfilled into new culture. Now ongoing of it’s new program “The Documentation project of Myanmar contemporary Art Vol:3 and granted to exhibition for Goethe Institute’s Re-connect program 2021.

Past Events

Our Goals