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A Land of Ghosts, 2020

Single channel video, 2019, Video Installation at Reborn Art Festival 2021, Ishinomaki, Japan.

Concept: “A Land of Ghosts” is based on the folklore of Asian Buddhism. Thatintended to examine the roots of local community through its psychosocial characteristics. As same region of Asia, natives and migrants were raised in the same land and diverse mix of cultures, languages, behaviors and believes. In Myanmar, present lives may connect toafterlife spiritual in common, relating souls of Deva and Devil, seemingly both are causes in our Samsara like Asians beliefs of “Hungry Ghost” perform by the evil deeds. Soulsincarnated as humans, animal or trees on earth everything are related. The desire of human spirits belong to plants and trees to be ghost before they reincarnation.

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