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Dining Room Opera, 2014, Video Installat

A Multimedia Installation, 2014, Rooster Gallery, New York, NY

Sound of the Nature 2019


Sound of the Nature is a multimedia exhibition included different parts of installations on researching to the natural sounds and regenerating with the vibration of sounds from man-made instruments. The work allowed the audiences to try making sound their self and chance to compare with echos of many sources in the space. 


“The Institution of the Republic of Artopia” is based on Myanmar’s 2008 Constitution book, which contains numerous controversies in its political points of view. The shape of book, carved with marble stone, represents the reality of the hybrid condition of dictatorship and civilians in Myanmar today. 

Marble carving, human blood & mixed media 11.5 x 8.2 x1.5 inch (each)

Consciousness of Realities Exhibition View
life unnewly.jpg


A Public Art in Yangon Art and Heritage Festival 2017

Photo: Public Instrument "MySound is Your Sound" 2017, Yangon Art and Heritage Festival.

“Art is to sharing and connect each others in the nature surround us. We may start with simple line, but later more complicated life.  The journey, maybe in my mind, to the beginning of where we started, it's probably the way to get the chance of restart our life. This is also strongly against to the words “Nothing can do as a new in Art”.


(From the curator note of The Segments)


“A Land of Ghosts” is based on the folklore of Asian Buddhism. That intended to examine the roots of local community through its psychosocial characteristics. As same region of Asia, natives and migrants were raised in the same land and diverse mix of cultures, languages, behaviors and believes. 

AUNG MYAT HTAY is an Artist/writer, Independent curator based in Yangon Myanmar. In his curatorial and artistic practice explores local forms of expression combined with a contemporary interpretations. He presented works in local and international and participated international artist residency programs since 2010 such as Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Bar1 Bangalore India, Koganecho Bazaar in Yokohama, RU residency in Brooklyn New York, Sylt foundation in Germany and Heritage Space in Hanoi Vietnam. He is an ACC grantee (Asian Cultural Council, New York) and the founder of

SOCA (School of contemporary art project Myanmar).


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