Public Art

Buddha Tooth Relic Pagoda construction, Yangon 1998
Platarium Links, Social research, Public Installation, British Council compound, Yangon, 2015
Structure#1, Downfall Palace, Public Art Festival 2014, People Park Yangon
My Shadow is Your Shadow, 500 Parasol on the flyover bridge, Yangon Art and Heritage Festival, 2017
Your Sound is My Sound, Public Instrumen
A Public Art in Yangon Art and Heritage
Wing of Hope, Yangon Art and Heritage Festival, 2017
Parasol Installation, flyover bridge, Public Art Project 2017
A Public Art in Yangon Art and Heritage
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Ghosts of the Forest 2019
A multimedia Installation at the "Phantoms and Aliens" Chapter 2, a group exhibition of Richard Koh Fine Art gallery, KL Malaysia.
"My Shadow is Your Shadow". A Public Art project for Yangon Art & Heritage Festival
Wing of Hope, a Public Sculpture, steel and wooden boat. Yangon Art & Heritage Festival
Old City, is a one of
Sovereign Asian Art Prize Southeast Asia Finalist in 2012, exhibited in Singapore. This work is a photo manipulation series about the identity of the History, objects and the people who lived under backlash dictatorship closed country.
Book of Institution of the Union of Artopia, A Participatory Performance in Yangon
Time of Metamorphosis, Installation with clock machine and artist portrait.
A drop of rain, Installation work in Yangon
Public Art Festival Yangon
Early works on canvas
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